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Lyrics:Kino Chronica


I wandered in the sky
Lonely as a cloud
The world without dream
I closed my eyes
And my mind.

I felt something broken in my heart
Like clouds coming in to pieces
There is another world we lost
Ever serene and never tearing

In the past it stayed in our mind
As time flies it gradually disappeared
Those utter niceness became inexistence
Eyes slowly lose luster in vacancy

Praying the shine in the deep darkness
Tears stretched in never ending line
When I began to drain into memories
Beautiful frame flashed in my heart

Never looked up the shining starry sky
Never heard the sluggish stream
Never felt the little warm hand
I don't wanna these...

So open your heart
To see it,To hear it,To feel it
To catch it,To hold it,To love it
So open your mind
To see it,To hear it,To feel it
To catch it,To hold it,To love it
The dreaming world

Things we neglect
Finally back in our mind

The world without dream so
I closed my eyes
And my mind


from Eintal, released November 20, 2011



all rights reserved


Luna Safari (月面旅行レコーズ) Japan

A free composer. Luna's original electronica album "Eintal".

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